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I capture wedding, event, and small business stories in video & photography throughout Pennsylvania & Maryland (though I'm always open to travel). I have a passion for strengthening marriages, building up small businesses, restoring our Victorian cottage, upcycling furniture, going on dates with my amazing hubby of 12 years, and being mom to our 4 kiddos.

Pine Ridge Farm Wedding Venue

AN INTERVIEW WITH PINE RIDGE OWNER KRISTIN FOWLER A Katie Lynn Studio interview withPine Ridge Owner Kristin FowlerWhen Pine Ridge Farm owner Kristin Fowler was a child, her nickname was “Captain of the Love Boat.” Little did she know how fitting that title would become. Learn more in our 5-minute video interview. Learn more about […]

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Katie Lynn Studio Wedding

Our Story

I don’t have a film of my wedding day. When I got married over a dozen years ago, I didn’t even know they existed. Now, over 12 years later, my wedding day is a blur in my memory. The day carried a warm June breeze. We were at stunning Letchworth State Park in Western New York, […]

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