Mike + Allison Wedding Film at Pine Ridge Farm, Stewartstown, PA

 A long journey of love. 

Mike and Allison were married at the picturesque Pine Ridge Farm in Stewartstown, PA. A blanket of threatening clouds moved the wedding into the historic barn but even incessant rain couldn't put a damper on this couple. They, more than ever couple I've ever filmed, had a grasp on the great honor it was to have gotten to this day. 

Mike + Allison Wedding Highlight Film

The pearl engagement ring that Allison brought to her wedding wasn't the same one she received the day Mike proposed. Just a few short months before their wedding day, Mike was in a terrible accident that brought him to the brink of death. Twice. In the process of numerous trips to the hospital for surgery and recovery, their relationship stressed and tested more than many decades-long marriages, the original ring was lost. To me, this beautiful pearl band stands as a testament to an undying love with a beautiful journey ahead. Like a grain of sand that finds itself inside a clam shell, the path isn't always the one we envision but the journey transforms us into something much more beautiful than we could have imagined. 

Congratulations Mike & Allison! 

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