Zach + Kayla Wedding Film at Green Grove Gardens, Greencastle, PA

Finding the perfect music to go with a wedding film is one of a wedding videographer's biggest struggles. 

Each bride has a unique story to tell and the song has to fit that story. It has to capture the essence of their day. It has to build to the kiss and bring it all home with the final parting note. While my wedding films tend to lean more toward singer-songwriter or cinematic vibes, for Kayla, it was all about country. We searched and searched to find the perfect soundtrack to tell her wedding story. We were ready to settle on something less than ideal when I received a surprise email from Jason Cassidy saying we could use his beautiful song "You" as the soundtrack to Kayla's wedding video. A super shout out to this amazing artist -- check him out at

Speaking of amazing people, Kayla pulled off this stunning wedding at Green Grove Gardens in Greencastle PA right before finals and in the midst of finishing up her nursing training. Congratulations Kayla and Zach!  

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